Welcome to my Naturopathic Practice

I have retired from Naturopathic practice as of June 30, 2021. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving you in this community for 23 years. I hope you continue to utilize and build on what you have learned. I thank you sincerely for what I have learned, through you. I hold dear the therapeutic relationships we have formed.
There are naturopaths that can assist with your care.

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Naturopathic Medicine offers you a choice to make the necessary changes towards optimal health. Education is the key. I strive to share my knowledge and 20 years experience and expertise with my patients.  I always think to myself,

“if only people knew the power they have to heal. If only people knew there are infinite ways of healing.”

As a healthcare practitioner, I believe that personalized,  preventive care is of the utmost importance to foster optimal health outcomes to helping people achieve their health goals. My education and 22 years experience in the healthcare field has enabled me to incorporate a client-centered approach to health, tailored  to each individual’s unique needs.  I examine and investigate the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of all of my  patients in order to make an accurate naturopathic diagnosis and relevant treatment plan. My devotion to good health is the basis and primary focus of my practice. I value the trust and confidence of my clients with whom I work in partnership for better health.

I believe in a team approach to health care, working with and referring to other health practitioners as necessary.

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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

One fact of life is that hormones decline with time as part of the aging process. Many people attribute their health issues to aging and do not believe that anything can be done about it. This is simply not true. Hormone restoration therapies can be used for hormone imbalances and deficiencies at any stage of life and have many inherent benefits.

  • Do you have a hormone imbalance?
  • Low libido?
  • Are you going through perimenopause or menopause?
  • Are you suffering from andropause (men)?
  • Want to know what BHRT is?
  • Could you benefit from BHRT?

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