Closing my Practice

May 27, 2021

This letter is to notify patients that I will be retiring from Naturopathic practice at the end of June this year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed serving you in this community for 23 years.  I hope you continue to utilize and build on what you have learned.  I thank you sincerely for what I have learned through you.  I hold dear the therapeutic relationships we have formed.

There are naturopaths that can assist with your care.  Some Naturopathic doctors and nurse practitioners are listed below.  If you would like your records sent to another clinic or practitioner, or if there is anything you need from your file, please let me know as soon as possible and we will arrange transfer.  A nominal fee will be charged upfront for copies of your records.  Your records will be stored digitally for 10 years after your last visit as required by law, and please contact me to access them in the future.  They will be securely stored by OutSmart, EMR provider and your records will be available through them.

For those needing naturopathic supplements that are only available through an ND, you can ask your new practitioner to order them for you.  Dr. Bastos (see below) has offered to assist you in getting your supplements.  Please note, that Vitamin D in doses over 2500iu per capsule is a “prescription” and only ND’s who have completed the Prescribing course and exam can obtain and recommend those doses.  Medical doctors and nurse practitioners also have these prescribing privileges.  In addition, B12 injections can only be given by an ND with this qualification.  There are ND’s in the area that have completed this, but not all have, as it is not mandatory.  Also, many ND’s in Ontario are operating virtually.

You will have access to recommended professional supplements online through Fullscript until October 1st, 2021.  This gives you time to find another practitioner who can assume this responsibility.  If you need to continue with Signature Supplements, Phytogenics, Herbal Gem or Reckeweg products, you will have to ask your new practitioner to order them for you as these brands are not available on Fullscript and I am no longer ordering.  Currently, I have a limited inventory of these products so please contact me to see if I have what you need.

  • The following online company is carrying Herbal Gem products:
  • For online ordering, Fullscript can be accessed through my website for most of the professional products from
  • Just let me know if you would like me to register with your e-mail address. Full Script carries many professional products that are not available at health supplement stores including Vita-Aid, Metagenics, Restorative Formulations, Genestra, Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, some Protocol and many more.
  • Please contact me and I can register you.

I still have many supplements in stock that you can obtain through me, but I will no longer be ordering supplements.  I will be putting in last orders for some supplements in the next week.  Please let me know if you would like me to order for you.

I wish you great health for the future.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  Thank you.

Dr. Kathleen Finlay


Dr. Kara Dionisio, ND – 519-416-9355, in Owen Sound, has prescribing qualifications,

Dr. Lesley Johns, ND – 519-800-5580, in Owen Sound, focus on mother’s health,

Dr. David Miller, ND – 519-832-6688, in Port Elgin,

Stone Tree Naturopathic Clinic – 705-444-5331, in Collingwood, several ND’s have Prescribing qualifications, IV treatments,

Dr. Sharon Kelly, ND –, Toronto, virtual, trained by Dr. Neil Nathan (author of Toxic) for mould toxicity, Lyme’s disease and other microbial infections

*Dr. Elisabeth Bastos, ND – 519-767-9224, near Guelph (Puslinch), does dark-field microscopy and Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluations, will order and ship supplements from Signature Supplements and other companies for my patients, I will need patient permission to transfer Tx plan from your file to do this.

Arv Buttar – Nurse Practitioner specializing in bio-identical hormones and LDN pain management, virtual,

Heather Prescott – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner – 226-2123-7748, in Owen Sound, yoga-informed lifestyle medicine, pelvic health care, able to assist with hormone therapies for people undergoing transitions.



 Fullscript –, on opening page to the right and scroll down, must let me know to register you, until October 1, 2021

 Herbal Gem products:

Phytogenics – will have to ask new ND to register an account and order for you from 1-416-721-0772

 Restorative Formulations – 800-420-5801.  Will ship their products directly to you when you register with my phone number, 519-376-9696, until October 1, 2021

Signature Supplements – Dr. Elizabeth Bastos will order and ship supplements from Signature Supplements and other companies for my patients, I will need patient permission to transfer Tx plan from your file to do this.  519-767-9224

Click to view a pdf version of this letter.

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