Breast Thermography Clinic September 21

breast thermography clinicThis year’s Breast Thermography Clinic is being held on Sunday September 21st at Horizon Therapy Centre in Owen Sound.   For more details on the Breast Thermography Clinic click here.   I would be pleased to e-mail information to you or speak to you on the phone to answer any questions you have, to  determine if Breast Thermography would be useful for you.
Breast Thermography is a non-invasive breast scanning method to assess breast tissue function and to assist in creating a treatment plan to optimize overall breast health.  It is used widely in Europe because it can detect  breast tissue changes at the cellular level up to 5 years before physical changes can be detected by ultrasound or mammogram.  It is also a very safe and effective adjunct to other breast screening methods.

Prevention and acknowledging early warning signs are cornerstones to Naturopathic Care.  Please call my office to book your Breast Thermography appointment.
If you can’t make this clinic, here is a list of other clinics in the Georgian Bay area:


Breast thermography clinics in Georgian Bay