Seasonal Allergies: You Can Beat Them!

Why do we react and suffer from weeds, grasses, and trees? Humans have lived with these plants for thousands of years. Why would our bodies react to something so natural and safe? The reason is simple, the immune system is acting incorrectly. One way of  modulating the overreactive immune system is by taking anti-histamine medications. This works fine in most cases, but does not heal the immune system, nor does it address the underlying causative factors.

As a former migraine sufferer I learned when I left home for university that too much dairy was the cause. I drank a quart of milk daily while living at home. I took dairy out of my diet and my migraines and headaches ceased. A few years later at the end of my undergrad I suddenly developed allergy to ragweed. The symptoms were severe and lasted from mid-August until the first frost in October.  Benadryl allowed me to breathe through my nose, but I lived with the annoying sneezing, runny and itchy nose and eyes.

I continued to have allergy to ragweed while at naturopathic college and tried many things to help the symptoms. What I discovered was that I had underlying food allergies, systemic Candida from high sugar diet and antibiotics, and built up toxicity that was making my immune system hyper-reactive. This type of immune system may react to many things including pet dander, dust, and chemicals.

What is the treatment strategy? I figured it out for myself and now sail through ragweed season without a sniffle. I have tested it on many patients to verify that my reasoning is correct. The key is to start gentle metabolic and colon detoxification 4-6 weeks before the allergy season. Removal of toxicity from household chemicals, pesticides, food  additives, heavy metals, etc, etc, etc, allows the immune system to return to balance and optimal function. In some cases systemic Candida must first be addressed because it also imbalances the immune system.

I sometimes use muscle testing to determine unknown food, vitamin, mineral and environmental sensitivities. Muscles will become weaker when holding any substance the body is sensitive or allergic to. Complete avoidance is one way to address food sensitivities. If this is not possible I use a technique to teach the body not to over-react – NAET: Nambrudipad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. I learned this from an MD in California who had multiple severe allergies and designed a system based on acupuncture meridians and the nervous system to correct her own immune system and help thousands of others.

Nutritional counseling and detoxification are the key to allergies and many other health issues. This process takes some time and effort, but it is well worth it especially with all the positive side-effects you will experience such as increased energy, weight loss, and mental clarity. You will begin to feel younger even as you get older!

It is strongly advised to seek the guidance of a Naturopathic Doctor when deciding to do any kind of detoxification program so that it may be tailored to your individual health needs.

Written by Kathleen Finlay , BScH, N.D., Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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